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书 Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts 位于网站上免费访问和优质,所以在任何移动设备上阅读它是非常方便和舒适。 去下载 Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts 网站上的MOBI不需要注册或付款即可访问该文件。 检查文件是否有错误和病毒,因此请确保我们网站的可下载资料的质量。 快速下载速度将有助于节省时间并尽快投入阅读。 您可以通过下载文件或在网站上在线阅读移动设备上的图书。 如果您在设备的内存中下载电子书,即使在线下时也可以随时阅读。 还要注意目录中的其他书籍,以便收集最适合您的口味和偏好的小型电子出版物,并随时随地阅读。 This trusted text helps LPN/LVN students develop the understanding and clinical skills necessary for effective practice in today’s challenging health care environments.  Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts, 11th Edition, continues the tradition of excellent coverage of basic nursing theory and clinical skills that have long made this text a leading resource for LPN/LVN students at the start of their studies. Students using this text will learn theoretical nursing concepts, step-by-step skills and procedures, and clinical applications, all while applying philosophical concepts focusing on the human experience such as caring as the essence of nursing, supportive health care provider networks, and accountability for actions and clinical decisions.   Filled with engaging learning tools that promote critical thinking, this new edition has been fully updated to reflect current medical and nursing practice with visually enticing photos and illustrations that bring the information to life and reinforce learning.   Highlights of the 11th Edition include:Coverage of new educational trends such as QSEN competencies and the SBAR technique for standardized communication. Updated NANDA diagnoses and definitions in Nursing Implications and Nursing Care Plans reflect the latest NANDA-I publication, Nursing Diagnoses 2015-2017. A continuing focus on the Nursing Process that covers concepts and paradigms in Chapter 2 with each skill chapter including the most recent applicable Nursing Diagnoses. Nursing Care Plans that help students identify with "real people" and their individualized care. Skills clustered at the end of each chapter that comply with Standard Precautions and infection control guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nursing Guidelines that show students how to perform various types of nursing care or offer suggestions for managing client care problems. Client and Family Teaching boxes that highlight essential education points nurses can communicate to clients and their families. Chapter-ending Critical Thinking Exercises that use clinical situations or rhetorical questions to give students an opportunity to apply the material. NCLEX-PN Style Questions that help students apply what they’ve learned to items that reflect the formats within the 2016 NCLEX-PN Test plan. This leading content is also incorporated into Lippincott CoursePoint, a dynamic learning solution that integrates this book’s curriculum, adaptive learning tools, real-time data reporting, and the latest evidence-based practice content together into one powerful student learning solution. Lippincott CoursePoint improves the nursing students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills to prepare them for practice.  Learn more at www. NursingEducationSuccess. com/CoursePoint. 我们提供阅读或下载 Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts 我们网站上的MOBI是完全免费的,没有注册。 本书已完整并经过病毒测试,因此,通过从我们这里下载此电子版,您可以完全享受阅读,而不会对您用于阅读的移动设备造成任何威胁。 下载不需要付费,因为本书是供用户阅读和阅读的。 如果你喜欢这本书 Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts ,注意以同一类型编写的其他出版物。 该目录提供了丰富的出版物选择,因此您不难建立一个优秀的图书馆。


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  • 出版者: LWW; Eleventh
  • 日期发布: 2016年10月18日
  • 覆盖: (英语)
  • 舌: 英语
  • ISBN-10: 1496327624
  • ISBN-13: 9781496327628
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